In this time of need, the Shir Law Group, P.A. wants to help you and your family, you Homeowner, Condominium and Cooperative Association deal with the aftermath. It is important that you quickly document any damage you think you may have. 
  1. Take pictures and videos of any damage, no matter how little or how great you think it is.
  2. Locate your insurance policy for your home, building and / or place of business.
  3. Contact your Insurance Carrier and inform them of your damages.
  4. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sign anything or agree to anything that the insurance adjuster, agent or representative may offer you.
  5. Please call me, Guy M. Shir, at 561-999-5999 or 954-278-8889 for a free consultation.
  6. We service Homestead to Martin County, Naples to Tampa and the Orlando area. Our Firm has litigated all over the State of Florida and has the experience and knowledge to help you during this difficult time.
  7. As a Law Firm that represents Homeowner, Condominium and Cooperative Associations, we have the experience in dealing with all aspects of construction issues, Association powers in these trying times and of course the insurance claims to help Association’s repair and restore their property.

The Shir Law Group, P.A. is a full-service law firm, with its main office in Boca Raton, Florida.

Please call us to see if we can assist with your claims, as well as any Association issues dealing with the aftermath of Irma.

We are ready to assist you, please call us at 561-999-5999 or 954-278-8889