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Prior to joining the Shir Law Group, Mr. Zoberg spent his career arbitrating and litigating at the trial and appellate levels (including a published appellate opinion in favor of an association reinstating a jury verdict and reversing a trial judge’s decision to order a new trial).  He has also counseled and assisted community associations and other corporations in various aspects of their operation including the drafting and negotiating of contracts with vendors, drafting of corporate documents, leases, and settlement agreements.

Mr. Zoberg also has been at the forefront of assisting community associations collect the debt due them.  He was one of the first (if not the first) to win numerous court orders allowing associations to appoint one receiver for the entire Association to collect rent from tenants who were living in delinquent units with the penalties of contempt of court if the owners or tenants did not comply.  These orders gave the receiver this power regardless of whether a lien or foreclosure action had been filed and were obtained prior to the enactment of the statute now allowing for Associations to collect rent directly. He also was among the first to successfully convince several judges to allow receivers to rent abandoned delinquent units, and articles were written in several newspapers about these victories.

Mr. Zoberg has also drafted proposed legislation, trained junior associates in various aspects of Community Association Law, and was the supervising attorney of a large Firm’s high volume collection foreclosure practice.  Mr. Zoberg also has spent much of his career litigating a broad array of complex issues including cases involving Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, Covenant Enforcement, Discrimination, the Fair Housing  Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, construction defect claims, and commercial landlord tenant disputes.

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