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Boating Accidents

A recent study related to boating, one of the most favourite activities and best pastimes in Florida indicates that boating accidents are on the rise. Every year a considerable number of boating accidents are reported in the state, and several fatalities happen during boating, jet skiing, scuba diving and yachting. Boat accidents may occur due to collisions with other boat, slip & fall on the boat, boat crash with fixed objects like a dock, sinking of boat etc. The most general reason for a fatal boat accident may be the influence of drug or alcohol, reckless boating action, extreme speed, risky water waves, operator’s carelessness or lack of experience.

A general law related to boat accidents state that the boat’s operator and its owner have the responsibility to provide the highest degree of care to individuals and to prevent them from any injuries or accidents. Each boat or watercraft operator has the duty to operate the boat safely or watercraft and also to navigate the waters cautiously. If an operator is careless in the boating operation, it may be held responsible for boating accident along with the harm experienced due to its negligence.

Some important points which you must consider while handling your boating accident case, include –

  • Try to take few pictures of your accident site and visible injuries you got in the accident.
  • Speak to your boating accident lawyer to follow the right legal action.
  • Keep the clothes you were wearing at the time of accident in a plastic bag, to be used during the trial.
  • Obtain copies of the documents that prove you purchased the tickets of the specific boat on the  date when the accident happened.
  • Do not sign any paper or accept any compensation from the operator or his insurance company.
  • Obtain a copy of your medical bills from the hospital authorities.

Boating accidents often severely harm individuals and make them go through the spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, fractures, paralysis and other serious injuries. Drowning is one of the major cause of death in such boat accidents. The victim may file a lawsuit against the boat operator in court to claim for compensation. An experienced boat accident lawyer can help you handle the claims process effectively by providing apt legal support.

If you have suffered injury due to a boating accident,  wave runner accident, jet ski accident,  or any other sort of marine accident, you can contact Florida Personal Injury Firm. We have developed many effectual legal strategies to preserve your interests and to help you get complete compensation for your medical bills and recovery.

Florida’s Personal Injury Firm’s attorneys work with great dedication for your lawsuit. They keep you informed about all levels of the litigation and progress in the case. Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in developing assumptions of accountability and recovery that often helps in getting more compensation than what our clients originally expect.

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