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Public Transportation

Though the frequency of Public Transportation accidents (accidents with aircraft, bus or train) is not very high in Florida, but when such unfortunate accident occurs, it causes severe injuries.  The Federal and Florida Law categorize aircrafts, trains and buses as the “Common Carriers” and for operating legally, these common carriers are required to abide several federal and state regulations, which have been deployed for the benefit of the general public.

The foremost regulation that a common carrier is required to follow is that, it should operate with the highest degree of safety, knowledge and care while transporting passengers to their destinations. However, if any accident occurs due to negligence of public transportation, it becomes liable for paying compensation to the sufferer. At Florida Personal Injury Firm, we have successfully represented the injured passengers who have met with accidents  or have been involved in an accident due to common carrier.


Aircraft accidents are very unfortunate, and they usually result in either death or severe injuries among passengers. As per Florida laws, wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the family member survivors on behalf of the deceased. Most of the commercial airplane accidents also involve federal law so we can represent the victims of these accidents that occur in Florida or any other part of the world.


Most of the train accidents involve train hitting the passengers or automobiles while it was in motion. A majority of train accidents occur as a result of careless or reckless operation by the train’s engineer.  We at Florida Personal Injury Firm have handled several such accident cases which have occurred in Florida or at any other location.


In Florida, more than 600, 000 people use over 20, 000 public transportation or school buses every day. Commercial buses can be segregated into two categories – Company owned and City/ Municipality owned. When the injuries occur due to city owned buses, there are  some Florida laws which restrict the amount of damages that an injured person may recover. However, when injuries occur due to a company owned bus, like the Charter bus, there is no restriction on the amount of damages that the injured person may recover.

The common causes of a bus accident include reckless or lackadaisical driving by the bus operator and lack of ability  of the bus owner in maintaining it properly. We have successfully represented many people who have suffered injuries either as an automobile operator, or a bus passenger or a bicycle which was struck by a bus.

What can you do, if you or one of your family members have met an accident with a common carrier:

  • Obtain copies of the documents that prove you purchased the tickets of the specific common carrier on the  date when the accident happened.
  • Do not accept any forms of compensation from either the common carrier or its insurance company.
  • Take pictures of the injuries that you suffered like any visible scars, cuts or bruises
  • Try to find out the name of the person who was operating the common carrier due to which you met an accident. Specifically, in the event of bus accident, the name and drivers licence number of the bus operator will be extremely beneficial.
  • Try to obtain the names and contact details of the people who were either also involved in the accident or witnessed it.


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