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Slip and Fall

The “Slip and Fall” is a general term to define a personal injury which occurs when someone trips, slips or falls due to a hazardous or dangerous condition on the property owned by someone else. If you have met any such accident, then you may be entitled for payments from the party which is responsible for your injury.

For determining whether you are entitled for financial compensation for the injuries that you suffered, you would need the support of an experienced and qualified slip & fall attorney in Florida. In order to get the compensation, your attorney must show that it was the responsibility of the other party to keep you safe but was negligent and deficient in this, leading you to get injuries. We have represented several clients in slip and fall cases against parties like shopping centres, restaurants, office buildings, department stores, schools, municipalities and supermarkets.

A Slip and Fall attorney at Florida Personal Injury Firm can help you with much more than just pursuing damages. There are several victims of slip and fall accident cases who file the compensation with their insurance company to cover the medical bills, only to find out that the compensation amount is far below their expectations.  We take care of such clients and help them receive a fair compensation in lieu of injuries or damages they suffered.  However, the most difficult part of a slip and fall case is proving the negligence on the part of the property owner. In order to win the case, you have to prove that owner either knew, or he/she should have known about the hazardous or dangerous situation.

We initiate our case right from scratch, and  carry out a wide-ranging factual investigation to determine if the property owner himself, or someone else should be held accountable for the injuries caused due to the fall. For establishing the accountability, we comprehensively work with accident re-constructionists, industry experts, investigators and engineers. As per Florida law, more than one company or person can be assumed to be responsible for injuries caused as a result of the fall. So, if your insurance company is offering is too small a compensation, you can file a slip and fall case with our experienced attorneys to receive a fair compensation.

What can you do after your fall in order to win the case?

  • Report the accident immediately to the property’s security company or directly to the property owner and obtain a copy of the accident report.
  • Try to obtain the names and contact details of the people who witnessed you slip and fall accident.
  • Keep the shoes that you were wearing during the accident  in a safe plastic bag so that any bits and pieces stuck in them can be presented as evidence.
  • Try to save the clothes which you were wearing at the time of the accident.

When you choose our firm, we ensure that you work with our slip and fall lawyer from the very beginning and get what you deserve. If you are still recovering from the injuries, our attorney can come to meet you at the hospital or in your home.

Call us at (954) 278-8889, and we will provide you the free initial consultation.