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Work Accidents

Work accidents occur unexpectedly during the course of the work and may result in physical or mental harm. In US, every year millions of employees experience work injuries and thousands of workers die due to serious work related accidents. Work accidents can be of diverse forms like fall from a height, slip or trip on the wet or greasy floor, get struck with any fixed or moving object, illness due to exposure to chemicals used, injury while operating an instrument and many more. Workplace injuries usually occur at construction sites, warehouses, industries, factories, offices and retail showrooms.

If you have also been injured at work, you may be entitled to certain benefits or various forms of compensation which include lost wages, medical expenses, disability payments and other costs. Florida law follows a “no fault” compensation system for workers according to which injured employees are liable for compensation, regardless of the cause of the accident at their work place. Florida’s personal injury attorneys ensure that employees and their families receive highest compensation if they are the victims of work-related injury, without facing a lengthy court procedure.

In general, to file a lawsuit against the employer or to be entitled for compensation benefits, the following conditions must be satisfied during the accident:

  • The accident must occur when you are at your workplace.
  • The accident must be caused while performing activity related to work.
  • The accident must occur instantly without any warning.
  • The accident must happen due to some defective machine or equipment you are working with.
  • The accident must occur because of the safety negligence of the employer.

A serious injury during work can be painful and devastating for an employee whose family depends on his paycheck and has no other earning source. Work injuries can lead an employee to pay seemingly large hospital bills and medical costs. Major injuries, mental or physical ruin the workers’ career by keeping them out of work for a long time.

In such conditions, it is significant to hire an experienced and talented personal injury lawyer who can aid you to get proper medical attention as well as compensation you are eligible for, underneath the law. A highly educated and experienced work injury lawyer can support you to handle the legal procedure.

At Florida Personal Injury Firm, we employ highly experienced and qualified lawyers to protect you and your family. They showcase your work-related accident case effectively and help you receive the maximum compensation that you are seeking.

Florida’s worker’s compensation law system is crafted to avoid the high costs related with legal procedure for work accidents. Florida’s Personal Injury Firm has a pool of talented and skilled professionals, to aid you in work accident matters and accommodate all your legal needs. Our offices are located in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach and in case you are not able to visit our office, you can call us at 954-954-8889 to receive free consultation on your case.